Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Now I don't know about you but Every time Wednesday comes around I always want to find a good book and start reading.....So with that every Wednesday I will post a book that I've read and what I liked about it...If you have a great book you wanna tell me to read feel free to leave post :)

My First BOOK!!

The Shack:

Wow what a GREAT read...If you happen to be going through a hard time in your life,have questions about life,God,your faith..This book is for you!
It's a very easy read,sometimes he likes to write a little to much about the landscape,But no matter what if you only read 1 book in your whole life this should be the 1....

If you have read The Shack feel free to leave you thoughts :)

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

The Shack (Special Hardcover Edition)


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