Monday, March 15, 2010

My Baby!!

This is just a little of why I wake up in the morning :)

His name is Turbo,His 2 1/2 and I'm not sure what breed but I can honestly say He is the BEST cat in the world!! Some day I'll post a link of him in YouTube so everyone can see what the day and a life of Turbo would be like :)

Yes he is my baby!!


  1. I clicked on your title (from the McLinky Blog Hop) because it expresses what I called MY cat too-my BABY!
    A year ago, my home burned down, and although Jazz got out, I haven't found her. When you live in the country, it's hard to see all thru the woods and hundreds of acres. I haven't given up hope-it will be a miracle if I ever find her! We have two wonderful new kittens(about 7 months old), but they are just little princesses-Jazz is still my queen! :)

  2. Oh so sorry to here that....I would be heart broken if I lost my baby too :( Hugs to you my friend!