Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Chapter in My Life

A moment in time of my life

Breathing heavy.
I don’t care anymore!
I scream in my head.
All I want is to be loved!
I want to be you’re friend, not you’re problem!
I do everything I can for you and still nothing!
I give up!
I’m sick of feeling all this pain.
Just leave me alone!

The tears start running down my face like a waterfall.
Will you ever understand the pain you cause me?
Running as fast as I can now.
I can’t look back it will only slow me down,
Just a little more.
Maybe if I go faster it will all melt away!
Tears still streaming down my face, hearts racing,
I can hardly breath.
I’ve been running so long, yet feel like I’ve been going nowhere.
Just a few more steps.
I start to slow,
I can’t go any more,
Finally I stop.
I bend over to catch my breath.
Gasping for air.
Suddenly everything goes black,
Complete silence falls all around me.
Hearts not pounding, not breathing heavy.
I open my eyes and realize, I’m still at home in my bed.
Nothing has changed.
Everything I’ve been running from is still here with me.
I take a deep breath,
Followed by a long sigh.
I close my eyes while rolling to my side knowing that when I wake in the morning nothing will be better. I still hope and pray as I slip into a deep sleep, dreading the morning wake up call that will come all to soon…