Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hey everyone I have a new blog!

Check it out HERE

Let me know what you think? :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random things about me :)

1.) I love to write, but the second I get in front of the computer I freeze!.

2.) I'm a go-getter...If I want it I get it!

3.) I can remember everything that's ever happened to me since I was 5...No joke ( somethings it's not the greatest though)

4.) I'm over the top obsessed with white tigers...I will have one some day even if that means in heaven..(that's the only real place I can have one so that's why God gave me Turbo :)

5.) I have the most human like cat in the world..I'm sure of it!

6.) I have the best sisters in the world...We've been to hell and back and came out on top :) <3

7.) I can't have anything cover my mouth or I stop breathing -even if it's not touching my mouth just close to it- (thanks big brothers for that one..putting tape over my mouth and locking me in the closet :p )

8.) I love to sing but I don't do it often cause it doesn't sound the same with out Bekah my little sis

9.) I will be a CEO of my own company some day!

10.) I hate dishes more then anything in the world (and yes I know Hates a strong word but it's true)

11.) I love kids but will never have my own if I had it my way ( just adopt maybe someday)

12.) I bite my taste bulls off my tough cause I like the way it feels

13.) I don't sleep more then total of 4 hours a night cause I wake myself up with tons of random thoughts

14.) I've never not forgiven someone cause I know how it feels to not be forgiven

15.) I wear my heart on my sleeve

16.) Do you ever fell like the odd ball in the room? I feel like that all the time and love it :)

17.) I use spell check as much as I use buttons to type

18.) I married my best friend

19.) I love to cook

20.) I think my writer block is starting to kick in :\

21.) I was born with no hair on my body till I was 4...and still don't have hair on my arms or legs to this day (thanks Great Grama Walsh <3 )

22.) My real and legal name is KATIE -not Kaitlyn,Kathleen- Just KATIE

23.) Yes EVERYONE has said to me since I've been married ( "good thing your middle name doesn't start with a K" )..It's real only funny the first time ppl..

24.) I can't believe I'm kinda running out of things to write...that's funny coming from me

25.) I can drive myself any where but don't ask me how I got there or how to get there cause I really have no clue

26.) I love wine! (thanks Heidi K)

27.) I have a tattoo on my back that I thought of myself and yes the whole thing has meaning

28.) I love to eat

29.) I hug everyone I know even if you don't like being hugged cause a hug can be a huge thing for some people

30.) I love with all my heart...even if you don't love me!

Have a great week ALL! :)