Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Friday!!!

I always loved Fridays when I was little, Fridays ment "One more day till we got cereal!!"
Yup that's right every morning for breakfast we would have to pick from Oat-meal or malt-o-meal, so by the time Saturday came around it was crazy time...If you were the last one out of bed there was NO way you were getting anything....Course now that I have my own rules I was cereal just about everyday :) I love being grown-up(kinda)..LOL

The other great thing about Fridays was MOVIE night!! but this was ony super cool if you were 13 or older,cause that ment you got to watch a PG-13 movie with mom & dad...yup thoes where the days :)

Oh to have the simple days now and then...yes to all you young readers it is fun to be "all grown-up" but what us adults wouldn't give to have a simple day again....You know like a NAP.....yeah the naps I cryed about cause I didn't want them....I now cry about cause I CAN'T have just one...LOL

Well hope you have a great weekend and if your eating cereal Saturday, ENJOY!! :)