Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well I have been on the special K diet for 8 days now and I have LOST 10lbs!...I can't believe it!...I feel amazing,I sleep better and longer (I have been getting 2-5 hours of sleep a night for the last 2 years) now I can sleep a full & good 8 hours!....I have more energy,all & all I have been amazed at how great I feel!...If you have tried every diet out there and have given up PLEASE just give it 1 more try! If anything you'll feel better knowing your eating something that's health for you...That in it self it great!...I love the website too..It's so helpful,easy going,FREE and has some really great tips and stories to help lift you up as well!...

I hope you check it out...Target seems to have the cheapest prices and they also have coupons on their website for Special K stuff almost all the time!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Good Luck all! :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's been so long!

Life has been crazy for me!
Summers seem to be the crazy time crunch to get everything in before winter hits and all the fun is over...That's what my schedule thinks anyway :/

So many things have happened this year I can hardly keep up...
My goal for this year was to be a New me, boy has that happened!
I got my first tattoo (can't wait to find out how to post pic on here so I can show you all),I started a diet (Special K & loving it so far),started to read another great Ted Dekker book (awesome book),started to book a couple trips for the next couple months (CO,NY,TX & more to come),planted my first couple flower bushes (never done a garden before),Working on getting another job on top of my Travel Biz (I wanna try something totally new,Not sure what yet),Got a really short hair cut,started to work out even more (hoping to some muscles),

Next couple goals:
Buy a bike/rollerblades
Buy more weights
Travel to Israel (again)
Get pics posted on blog (if I can ever learn how,HA)
Travel to Mexico with Aunt and Uncle
Learn to paint
Dance more...

Well till next time..
Have a Great week all!