Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blog Question?

I love how some of your blogs have a slide show of all the buttons you have of others...How do you do THAT?!

Also I would love to make a button of my own...Anyone know HOW?!

:) Thanks All & have a GREAT WEEKEND!


  1. Hey! I'm a new follower from Friday Follow. :) I'm not sure how to do the slide show with the buttons but just used a jpg I made up for my own button blog and then in blogger layouts I added a gadget and chose picture then entered my homepage link.

    Oh, here's a tutorial for a grab button code I found from google...
    (I need to try this!)
    Hope this helps(for both of us LOL)

    Hope you can visit and follow my blog. :)

  2. That the tutorial I used to make the Grab My Button box. You can make a button in photoshop but since I don't have it here's what I did. I went to the cutest blog on the block and they make free layouts that have seperate headers. I then took the header I have and saved it to my computer and then uploaded it to photobucket. I added text and thats how I made my header. To make my button I take the original blank header and crop and box roughly 125 by 125 pixels. Then I add text to the croped box. Then I added a border because the background was white and one side kind of blended into to nothing. Let me know if you have specific questions. Thaks for the follow and putting my button on your blog. I actually just made that button and re-did my layout this morning. Thanks!

  3. The program I use for all of my graphic editing is You can download it here:,net&tag=srch&searchtype=downloads&filterName=platform%3DWindows&filter=platform%3DWindows

  4. I had mine made, however, I found out later you can do it yourself, I just do not know how.....Have a great weekend.

  5. I used for my button

    Happy Sunday!! I am a New Friday Follow!!!