Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Friday thoughts!

!.) Dear Life, can you please slow down for me so I can blog like a mad lady? I would love that so much...Thank you..ME

2.) I miss blogging there are some many things I want to get out and on paper(blog)..

3.) Have a very stress full event coming up and not to sure what I should do about it..Ugh..Life sometimes!

4.) Have you ever wanted something that you know you can't have? I'm still trying to fund a way to get my something I can't have...

5.) I've been watching 7th Heaven the last couple days..Love and that show...We so need more good family/God shows like that on TV now a days...brings back the days of being a kid :)..

Well Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

Hope to see you all soon :)


  1. Discovered through the Friday Follow

    You had some great thoughts! I know what you mean about life not slowing down! Just try to live intentionally and not just react. Havent figured out exactly what that looks like-I'll let you know when I do!

    I love 7th Heaven. Wish life was really like that. In so many ways. Its a nice escape anyway.

  2. From FF and wanted to say hi.
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    Thanks :)