Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Event for Kristin Kay Fallenstein

Event for Kristin Kay Fallenstein:

One of Kristin's close friends posted a very touching message in the Guestbook where she described a family tradition of anonymously treating a stranger to a meal, and goes on to talk about doing the same thing this Saturday night, albeit with a different twist. This weekend, when she and her family anonymously treat another family to dinner, they will leave the following note:

My dear friend Kristin was supposed to be celebrating this weekend. This was a brand new start to the next chapter of her life.

Today, Kristin lies in her hospital bed. She is has been asleep for the better part of the past two weeks - and doesn’t know of the life-changing events that have recently taken place. Kristin is fighting for her life. She has undergone the amputation of her right leg, and part of her left foot. Her body is fighting to regain function in her kidneys.

She needs prayers. From you - from me - and from as many people as we can reach. Thank you for allowing us to treat you to a meal in Kristin’s honor. Please “pay it forward” from here... share her story with as many as you can. Our goal is for thousands of people around the world to pray for Kristin on her CaringBridge site. When she wakes up sometime in the near future we would love for her sadness to be short-lived - and to feel the amazing Glory of God.

Consider this a treat from Kristin. Please share a laugh, many smiles, and this story today - with as many people as you possibly can.


Please join us as we do this - you can do the same on a smaller level with treating someone to a coffee - or at a fast food restaurant as well... or be creative and add your own twist!

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