Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random Friday thoughts!

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1.)Rain makes me crazy...I feel like I'm all over the place.

2.)I Love Lucy!...Need I say More?! :)

3.)My husband and I where talking about getting a Dog....But I'm not sure if my Boy Cat(who's the queen of the WORLD,so he thinks) would like it much...

4.)My husband FINALLY got a job!!! woot!

5.) As you know its been super busy in my life lately...So I'm going to start getting back to the roots of my life....The whole reason I started this Blog was because I don't feel I have what it takes (money) to start my own book...SO I decided to do it on a blog...Hope you enjoy :)

As I said in my past blogs I come from a very large Family 10 that is...Yup 5 Boys,3 Girls...and Yes all from the same parents :)
We lived a very good life,but looking back now I see it was a very odd life too...We where all home schooled which I think only added to the oddness of our family (sad to say)...My mother like to live like we where still in the Little House on the Prairie times (no joke)...I remember my mom saying things like "Why can't you guys been nice to each other like they are on the little house on the prairie?"...I don't really think we where that bad when it came to fighting with each other(not any more then other "normal" kids)...if you where someone from the outside looking in,you would thing like many people."wow what a great family life"...but if only people knew...
I guess that's why I've lost so many friends & family over the last 3 years...when my parents started their divorce ALL the "dirty laundry" (as people say) started to show...I really think it started to make people think twice about everything my mom said and started to think we (all but mom) where just very ungreatfull,See my mom was the person that if you had a problem my mom thought(as did others) she had ALL the answers,so for her family of all family's to be in the middle of divorce was unheard of!.

To Be Continued...

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